Our Staff

Blanche Hughes

Vice-President for Student Affairs

Jody Donovan

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Kathy Sisneros

Assistant VP for Student Affairs

John Henderson

Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Parent and Family Programs

Craig Chesson

Associate Dean of Students

Dwight Burke

Director of Support and Safety Assessment / Title IX Programs University Title IX Coordinator

Gaye Degregorio

Executive Director, Collaborative for Student Achievement

Mike Ellis

Assistant Vice President and Executive Director of Lory Student Center

Ginny Fanning

Director of Development, Student Affairs, Enrollment and Access, & Provost Programs

Anne Hudgens

Executive Director, CSU Health Network

Neal Lujan

Director of Student Affairs Technology/Ram Card Office

Steve McDonnell

Athletic Academic/Student Services

Dave McKelfresh

Executive Director for Assessment & Research

Tonie Miyamoto

Director of Division Communications

Judy Muenchow

Human Resource Consultant

Maggie Miranda-Birt

Executive Assistant to Ryan Barone and Student Success

Kim Okamoto

Executive Assistant to Blanche Hughes & Dave McKelfresh

Carmen Rivera

Talent Manager for Organizational Development

Mimi Lewis

Executive Assistant to Kathy Sisneros and Carmen Rivera

Amy Dinise-Halter

Student Success Projects Manager

Kayla Cothrun

Student Success Projects Coordinator

Ryan Barone

Assistant Vice President for Student Success

Acacia Springsteen

Administrative Assistant

Mari Strombom

Executive Director of Housing & Dining Services

Cody Frye

Executive Director, Campus Recreation

Bailey Harr

Program Manager, Parent & Family Programs

Jennifer Fisher