Assessment & Research

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. (2011). 
Transparency Framework. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA).

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Assessment Plans

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      • This site provides the link for entering Annual Outcomes (Learning, Program and Diversity), Assessment Methods and Criteria for Success, Analysis of Achievements, and Priorities and Recommendations for all departments in the Division of Student Affairs.

Assessment Resources

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Campus Labs Baseline Training – Instructional Videos and Best Practice Webinars

Campus Labs – Best Practice Webinars

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University Strategic Plan:

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Division of Student Affairs Learning Outcomes: DSA Learning Outcomes 6-28-19

Recommended demographic choices for “Gender Identity” and “Sexual Orientation”:  Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness:

Socially Just Assessment Resources:

    • 3 recorded webinars:
      • Beyond Bias: Culturally Responsive and Critical Assessment for Social Justice
      • Beyond Culturally Responsive Assessment: Socially Just Assessment
      • Deconstructed Assessment: Using Assessment to Foster Social Justice
    • Equity and Assessment: Moving Towards Culturally Responsive Assessment –

Annual Reports:

Division of Student Affairs – Quality of Work Life Survey Results – 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, and 2018:

Division of Student Affairs – Student Employee Quality of Life Results – 2009, 2011, 2015, 2019

CSU 2018 Employee Climate Survey Results – Division of Student Affairs:

Program Reviews:

2013 – CASA Program Review: CASA Prog Review 2008-2013 FULL

2014 – AAC Program Review: AAC – Powerpoint – DSA Directors Meeting – October 1, 2014

2015 – FSL Program Review: FSL Program Review – 4.1.2015

2015 – CES Program Review: CES Power Point – DSA Directors – December 2, 2015

2015 – P&F Program Review: Parent Family Program Review – DSA Directors – October 7, 2015

2015 – HDS-RL Program Review: Residence Life Program Review – DSA Directors – December 2, 2015

2017 – SRC Program Review: DSA Director’s Retreat – Student Resolution Center PPT

EAB Student Campus Climate Results – Spring 2018

CIRP/HERI Freshman Survey – Fall 2018:

CIRP/HERI Freshman Survey – Fall 2017:

CIRP/HERI Freshman Survey – Fall 2016:

CIRP/HERI Freshman Survey – Fall 2015:

Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains

Click here to see a list of resources on writing student learning outcomes statements.

Current Assessment Activities

Assessment Steering Committee:

  • Mike Brake, Collaborative for Student Achievement
  • Rose Kreston, Student Disability Center
  • Michael Marr, Lory Student Center
  • Dave McKelfresh, Assessment and Research, Student Affairs
  • Kim Okamoto, Office of Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Kyle Oldham, Housing and Dining
  • Lindsay Mason, Off Campus Life
  • Erin Patchett, Campus Recreation
  • Amber Ramoz, Campus Activities
  • Barb Richardson, Career Center
  • Jenny Kim, The Institute for Learning and Teaching
  • Karla Perez-Velez, Housing and Dining Services


Assessment Steering Committee Agendas:


Student Affairs Program Review Schedule:

Student Affairs Benchmarking Assessments:

Student Learning Outcomes Statements

Evidence of Student Learning

Use of Student Learning Evidence

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