Student Affairs Training And Resource Guide Hiring Information List

  • New Employee information and systems access
  • Oracle (HR System: allows you to enter/change employees information and input and approve employee hours)
  • PCARD/Purchase Card CSU credit card for departmental purchases)
  • Travel (system for creating travel vouchers for reimbursements to traveling employees in the department; obtain state travel cards(Citibank Visa))
  • Month-End Reports (how to access end of the month reports to check/balance department account)
  • Kuali Financial System/ KFS (financial system that charges departments, pays departments, transfers money from within CSU department accounts and creates checks for outside vendors) Instructions below on creating and approving Internal Orders, making deposits, and creating requisitions.
  • Shop Catalog (system for placing department orders online to secure CSU contract pricing)
  • Key Coordinator (where to obtain/replace keys)
  • Telephones  (how to request phone lines, long distance, cell phones, etc.)
  • Building Codes (a full building list)


    • The first thing you will need to do as a new employee is to talk to the payroll person and/or the person in your department who will enter your information into the Oracle system to set you up as a new employee.  This paperwork can be completed before your start date. After you are set up in Oracle, your or your new staff member may begin getting access to the other systems and information on campus. If you are helping to coordinate a new staff member in your department you will need to make sure they have a background check done. Ask your payroll person about the information you will need to send them in an email to get this process going.
  • EID (CSU electronic Identity) for accessing University computer resources. You must be set up as an employee in Oracle and have a CSUID number to obtain an EID. The person who set up your assignment in Oracle will provide your CSUID number. To set up your EID go to click on “Get an EID”, “Register for an EID”, and follow the instructions.

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You must have an eID before you can apply for access to the ORACLE system.

ORACLE is the CSU system used for human resource functions. You will use the ORACLE system for entering personnel actions such as new hires, terminations, leave without pay, status changes, salary changes, transfers, etc. for your department. You will also use ORACLE to enter sick and annual leave for department employees on a monthly basis.  You must request access to the ORACLE system, and will be provided with a user name and password.  Once logged into ORACLE with your user name and password, you will have access to personnel records within your department only.

To gain access to ORACLE:

For the full Oracle Training Manual, go to For gaining access to the system click go to and fill out the access form.

Make a copy of the access form for your personnel file and forward the original to HR Data Systems, 6004 Campus Delivery.You should be notified of your access to the Oracle system.

To log into Oracle you must go to the Campus Administrative Portal (CAP). Go to the ‘C’ page at or click here: Click on CAP and sign in with your EID and a list of options will appear on the right side. Click on Human Resources and Oracle will be an option to open. See the Oracle manual for specific instructions for the system.

Also under this Human Resources Tab you can print out or view your Pay Advices…click on Employee Self Service and click on Pay Advices.

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Go to the following website for instructions:

  • Click on and read the Introduction for brief Pcard overview.
  • Click on and read the Cardholder Training. This link describes the online process.
  • Click on Forms. For your own Pcard, print out the following forms.: Note: you will need your CSU employee ID and your eID Login name for these forms (please be patient; may take several seconds to open)
  • Work with your supervisor on transaction and spending limits, single purchases, authorizations per day, and transactions per cycle.
  • After completing these forms and obtaining approver signatures send them to Pcard, Purchasing Dept., 6010 Campus Delivery.
  • Wait for an email instructing you to take the online quiz.
  • After taking the quiz wait for notification that your Pcard is available for pickup at Purchasing. You will need to go there to sign for your card’s release.

Other forms you might use:

  • Documentation for Expenses Related to Official Functions (fill out this form when there are food purchases from grocery stores or restaurants). Here is a template you may use/update for your department
  • Fort Collins Hilton and Fort Collins Marriott Pcard Procedures (usually used to pay for rooms for on-campus interview candidates or out of town guest speakers for programs/events/reviews)
  • Violation Warning (used when there are wrongly charged expenses on the Pcard)
  • Receipt for Return of Card (when someone leaves their position and turns in their card)
  • Certificate of Exemption for Co State Sales/Use/Tax (for use when vendors/restaurants ask for proof of tax exemption)

Obtaining an Pcard for other staff in your office:

  •  Direct the staff member to the Pcard site and/or print out the Pcard forms listed above
  •  Pcard Approver Agreement (if staff member will be an approver)

The Pcard system can be accessed through Kuali Financial System. Go to Campus Administrative Portal (CAP), The link to KFS is at the top right, under Quick Applications. Reallocation will occur under your Action Items. And reports will be available here.

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Go to website:

  • Download the Travel Voucher Form  (Travel Form Ver 5.4, for use with Adobe Acrobat 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0)
    Read the Quick Reference Guide to University Travel, the User’s Guide and the Travel Voucher check list
    Continue with the rest of the Travel part of the manual.
  • After filling out the Travel Voucher Form, obtaining the TV# and getting approval signatures you hold on to those documents until the travel occurs.
  • After the travelor returns with their receipts, fill out the Travel Voucher with post-trip actual expenses, get approval signatures again and submit the forms (originals, but keep a copy for your records) to travel at 555 S. Howes, 3rd floor, Campus Delivery 6003. To obtain state travel cards (Citibank visa) go here and fill out application form; send completed form to Travel office at 6003 Campus Delivery.

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V.    Month End Reports (available under CAP – Vista Plus)

VI.  Kuali Financial System (Campus accounting and reporting system)

IO (Internal Order) – To pay on-campus invoices (LSC catering/EPO, Facilities, etc.)
Step 1:  Login to Kuali Financial System through Campus Administrative Portal (CAP)
Step 2:  Click on Internal Order
Step 3:  Write a description, a further explanation if wanted and find the supplier in the Internal Supplier list.
Step 4:  Fill out chart (CO), Account #,  Object Code and amount.
Step 5:  Attach any invoices/documents electronically if available.
Step 6:  Save and submit it.

Supplying IO – Transfer of Funds/Supplier Fill
Step 1:  Login to CAP and the Kuali Financial System.
Step 2:  Documents will show up in your Action List.
Step 3: Click on the document # and fill in the Supplier Lines (chart (CO), account #, object code and amount).  Additional items you may fill in are sub-accounts or sub-objects as well as org. reference ID.
Step 4: Click on Add for each line you supply/fill.
Step 5: Click on Approve and the document is done.

CASH Deposit: is used to make deposits to department accounts through the CSU cashier.

Step 1: Log into Kuali Financial System (KFS).
Step 2: Click on Cash Receipt under Transactions.
Step 3: Enter Description and Explanation (optional).
Step 4: Go to Cash Reconciliation and enter checks under Total Check Amount: click on Individual checks or total only and enter your checks or their total (if applicable).
Step 5: For cash, enter total number of bills and coins under Currency and Coin Detail.
Step 6: Under Accounting Lines, enter Account #, Object Code and Amount. Click on Add.
Step 7: Add scanned or saved receipts, emails, invoices, etc. under Notes/Attachments.
Step 8: Click on Submit. A window will open up and will prompt you to print out the cover sheet.
Step 9: Print out Deposit Cover Sheet and bring this to the Cashier with cash/checks to deposit for date stamping.
Step 10: File your Deposit Cover Sheet with your documents for monthly reconciliation procedures.
Disbursement Voucher  –  are Authorizations for Expenditures that authorize payments to a vendor or reimburse money to a University employee or someone contracted by the University for official University business. A Disbursement Voucher is usually paid after the fact and functions like a check request. For more information go to the Accounts Payable website:
Step 1:  Login to CAP and access Kuali.
Step 2:  Click on Disbursement Voucher.
Step 3:  Fill in description and explanation if wanted.
Step 4:  Fill in asterisk cells related to Payment Information.
Step 5:  Fill in asterisk cells related to Accounting lines.
Step 6:  Attach scanned invoice/documents or if you can’t scan documents send a printed copy of your document along with backup documentation (invoice, etc.) to the Accounts Payable department, 555 S. Howes St. 3rd Floor, Campus Delivery 6003 for their records.
Step 7:   Save the document and submit it for approval.
Requisitions – are requests for Purchasing to write a Purchase Order for goods or services and to authorize a specific account to be charged for the purchase. There is no minimum dollar amount, but requisitions are used for orders exceeding the ACARD and AFE limits (in most cases over $5,000, but check for exceptions on Purchasing website listed) and for controlled drugs and radioactive materials. For more information go the REQ/Purchasing website:
Step 1: Log in to CAP and Kuali.
Step 2: Under Purchasing/Accounts Payable, click on Requisitions.
Step 3: Fill out required cells. The Requisition is very close in form to IOs with the exception of confirming addresses and delivery.

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VII.     Shop Catalog

This system enables you to go online to order products, compare prices and manage orders from online catalogs. These online catalogs ensure that you will receive CSU pricing for purchases.

  • To log in go to the CAP (Campus Administrative Portal).  Go to the ‘C’ page at or click here: Click on CAP and sign in with your EID  using your ename and password.
  • Once in the CAP, log into Kuali.
  • In the first box called Transactions and under the second section called Purchasing/Accounts Payable, click on Shop Catalogs.
  • Create a profile first to establish your department information, shipping address, etc.

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Facilities Management is contact for forms & keys
Call 1-0056 or 1-0041 to transfer Key Coordinator contact information

Forms can be found on Website:

Forms include request for new keys, replacement keys, transfer key(s) possession from one employee to another, and any other questions you may have.

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The Telecommunications Office (491-5881) handles everything to do with phones and data lines on the CSU campus including:
All of the forms needed are at the Telecommunications web site under Faculty/Staff Services:

New Phone Equipment:

  • To see what phones can be purchase for use on campus, choose “Telephone Equipment” at: under New Telephone Equipment.
  • To order, contact
  • Please note that if you order a Meridian phone, you will need to complete the “Meridian Programming Sheet” to show which phone lines you what to be programmed on each phone set.  The phone number of each individual phone must be programmed on key #1.

New Phone Service, Billing Changes, Voice Mail, Data Lines:

  • All of these need to be requested using the online forms under the “Service Order Forms” option at:
    • Telephone Service – install new, move existing, change features, disconnect
    • Billing Changes – changes to account, billing information for phones and/or voice mail
    • Voice Mail Service – order new voice mail, move mailbox to a different number, disconnect mailbox
    • Data Services – install new jack, activate existing jack, move, disconnect.
  • Anytime you request changes to your phone service, you will need to list the telephone jack number to which your phone (or computer) is connected.  It is a good idea to keep a list of these so you don’t have to climb around on the floor every time you need something changed!

Long Distance Access Codes:

  • Every employee making long distance calls needs a long distance access code.
  • This can be requested under the “Auth Code/Conf. Call/Calling Card/DSL Request Form.”
  • This form needs to be completed, signed and faxed to Telecommunications at 491-2179.

Cell Phones:

  • To purchase a cell phone go to:
  • It is mandatory for faculty and staff authorized to have a university cellular telephone to use this mobile communications program.  There are some exceptions for specific purposes but you must apply for an exemption using the “Exemption Application.”
  • Click on “Order Form Packet”
  • On the “Wireless Devise Attestation Form” the person must indicate if they will be using the phone for personal use by choosing the “Opt Out” or “Opt In” option.
    • Choosing “Opt Out” means they will not be using the phone for personal use.
    • “Opt In” means they will use the phone for personal use and an automatic payroll deduction of 20% of the total monthly bill (regardless of actual usage) will be initiated.  If the personal usage exceeds 40% of the total bill, the person may be responsible for the actual charges.
    • On the “CSU Mobile Communications Service Order Form for Faculty and Staff” you must choose three things:
    • I.  Mobile Device – the actual cell phone and/or PDA device
    • II. Mobile Communications Plan – the phone plan including long distance, caller ID, voice mail, etc.
    • III. Mobile Communications Option – data and web access.
  • For questions regarding cell phones call:
    • For ordering, contact Telecom at (970) 491-5881
    • For technical support, call (970) 491-1111
    • For billing questions call (970)-491-5881

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Full Building List:

To update any information on this Resource Guide, please contact Nora Oakson, at 491-3374 or at

If you have further questions or would like to request more information, contact:
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