Dean of Students

Dean of Students

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Craig Chesson

Craig Chesson

John Henderson

John Henderson

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201 Administration Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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Phone: (970) 491-5312
Email :

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 Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM

Our mantra is “Empowering Students” and we are here to support you, share resources, and help you navigate CSU.


COVID-19 Info

CSU information related to COVID health protocols, testing, vaccine or exemption registration, etc.

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Tell Someone

If you are concerned about safety or mental health – your own or someone else’s, please call (970) 491-1350 or report at

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Incidents of Bias

If you or someone you know experienced an incident of bias or prejudice towards an individual or group.

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Reporting an Incident

Report a violation of the Student Conduct Code to Student Resolution Center

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Student Complaint Form

Form for students who have been unable to satisfactorily resolve a complaint with the faculty, staff, students or others involved.

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Title IX and Gender Equity Reporting Form

Report discrimination or harassment based on gender which includes sexual violence, rape, sexual assault , and dating violence.

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Student Accommodations

Accommodations for classes, campus housing, service animals, temporary disabilities, etc.

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Housing & Food Security

Campus and community resources for food, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, childcare, etc.

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Faith, Belief and/or Religious Accommodations

Request form for absences related to faith, belief and/or religious observances.

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General Student Fee Appeal Process

Process for submitting an appeal to the Student General Fee

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Excused Class Absences

Information on arranging class absences for university-sanctioned events

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Grade Appeals

Information on course registration/refund appeals and academic (grade) appeals.

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Dean’s Certificate & Disciplinary Clearances

Do you need to know your discipline history for an employment or an education application?

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Resources for Faculty and Staff

Class absences, academic misconduct, support resources, and more.

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