Fields-Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

Please create/upload a Word document (or PDF) with the answers to each of the following four questions, or you may use our fillable PDF template. Note: If you use our template, please be sure you first save it to your computer before answering the questions (i.e., do NOT complete in-browser, as your responses will not be saved). Limit your answers to no more than one page for each response Please use 12-point font, and double-space your response if using Word. After completing the document, upload it to this website (on the next page).
  1. Why is earning a college degree important to you? How have you demonstrated commitment to those aspirations prior to coming to CSU? Since coming to CSU?
  2. Tell us about any community service or leadership activities with which you have been involved. (Include formal and informal activities, in school, church, or community. Include athletics and any other involvements that have been important to you.)
  3. Tell us about a time you have taken a stand; why you took that stand; and why it was difficult.
  4. Based on what you know of Javad Marshall Fields and Vivian Wolfe (from your email invitation, from the Website referred to in the email, or any other information), tell us why you would make an excellent representative of the scholarship.
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