Step 1: Add Your Sites/Urls

You can either upload a .csv of all of your site's urls, or you can use our own basic page link crawler tool.


Step 2: Start Your Scans

All of your sites will be scanned automatically once a month. You may manually scan any of your site's pages whenever you wish.

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Step 3: View Your Results!

Reports are automatically generated from your prior scans, and are available any time for you to track your progress.

System Features

Built Features

Adds New Urls Easily

Visitors can use our own basic page link crawler tool, or upload a .csv of all of their site’s urls (as provided by Google Analytics) to add new sites


When purchased in bulk, leveraging the WAVE api costs $.025/credit.  So, performing 100k basic scans would cost $2500.

Planned Features

Automated E-mail Reports

Automated scans can occur on any pre-determined schedule.  The more frequent the scans, the higher the cost.

What do i need to open the files ?

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